Welcome to Detroit Sings!

We're a collective chorus; an insta-choir; an open singing event for you and anyone who loves to sing! We invite you to create community through music with us - joining our varied voices and imperfect skills to create perfect, joyful music.   

The second Tuesday of every month, we host a free, drop in singing event at Bert's Market Place and Jazz. We sing popular music from across the decades, and we love to honor Detroit's musical roots by featuring Motown! 

What happens at a Sing?

Local Detroit musicians teach the group a song or two, arranged for simple harmonies. Once we get the parts down, we sing the song all together. No need to read music, just listen to the song and throw your whole self in!





Do I have to commit?  

Nope - come when you can.

Do I have to read music?  

Nope - just come and raise your voice.

Is it really free?  

Yup. We pass a hat for the musicians, but your only obligation is to sing your heart out.